For Authors

Seasoned authors know what many an inexperienced one doesn’t.

Make sure your work is copy edited and proofread before you publish it. Especially if you are self-publishing.

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s hilarious video for “Word Crimes” is no laughing matter in the real world.

Character development and narratives aside, it can be maddening for readers to encounter bad language. Not necessarily the four-letter-word kind, but words on pages that are rife with bad grammar, bad syntax, bad punctuation, and the like.

If you browse through the Kinde eBooks section at Amazon, you’ll see plenty of reviews that blast the lack of copy editing and proofreading. That’s unfortunate, because many titles could have been enjoyable reads, but instead were frustration-laden ones due to typos, the switching of person or tense, missing punctuation, misuse of words, uneven formatting, et cetera.

What these types of publishing crimes and misdemeanors can translate into are negative reviews, ruined reputations, and lost sales of published and future works.

We have copy edited and proofread many published works in print and online, including magazine articles and novels, which saved their authors from embarrassment and their readers from annoyance, among other things.

So, if you’re an author who’s self-publishing your first or next title, contact us to copy edit and proofread it. You’ll be glad we did. Really.