Résumé Services

What we do:
Craft documents — résumés, cover letters, CVs, and bios — that help…

  • Job seekers get interviews that can lead to job offers.
  • Companies get their candidates considered and often hired.

What we don’t do:
Pad résumés and related documents with inaccurate or untrue information. Write boilerplate cover letters.


Nearly 100% of our individual clients have gotten interviews, and of them more than 90% have landed job offers. Sometimes multiple job offers, even in a down economy. Such as Tracy G., of Alpharetta, GA, who shared this:

“… Special thanks to Linda, who did an amazing job with my résumé from three different angles, allowing me to be in the enviable position of having to choose between a 3rd-grade lead teacher position and this corporate education position. I highly recommend her services!”

That’s why almost all of our résumé clients come to us through word of mouth. Clients recommend us to others. (And come back for résumé updates, too.) That’s the best form of marketing we know of.

If you’re in the market for a new job, or simply want a fresh, updated version of your résumé, learn more about working with us at these pages:

Companies, including government contractors, also work with us to refine the résumés of their candidates or of employees displaced through corporate downsizing or other staffing changes. Contact us for more information.