Happy Corporate Clients

“I had the pleasure of working with Linda when I was at Stonebriar Centre and The Shops at Legacy. Her creativity, writing skills, and ability to analyze and translate seemingly insignificant details into marketing intelligence greatly supported my efforts in expanding and solidifying the value of both brands. Traffic for our tenants and events increased, as did social media engagement among visitors to both properties. Linda is a partner that you can count on, and her commitment to a company’s success makes her a tremendous asset to any organization.”

– Stacy Schuch, Area Marketing Director, Saks Fifth Avenue


“Linda has deep multi-disciplinary expertise, but I have worked with her on multiple projects focused on her marketing expertise. Our first collaboration helped my old company gain regional, then national recognition while our second collaboration helped streamline and focus what had previously been disparate marketing messages for my current company.”

– Todd Sharp, Director, Engage, Inc.


“Re: Excellence. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the marketing services you provided to Barden Solutions, Inc. The services you provided resulted in a great client base for us, which in turn resulted in an increased bottom-line profit. The combined marketing and sales skills you have brought to our business is well appreciated.”

– Dennis White, President, Barden Solutions, Inc.


“What can I say? You are the best! We’re experts in our business and you’re an expert in yours. Analytical, creative, savvy in sales and marketing… Brilliant! Thanks for helping us get a great client.”

– Tom Barkstedt, President, StoryArts Films
(Former Creative Director, Blue Ridge Motion Pictures)


“Linda has been a superlative partner in assisting me with starting my own company. She is creative, passionate, thorough, and a joy to work with. I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

– William Pope, Former Managing Partner, Pope Global Ventures LLC


“I am pleased to recommend you to any business in need of your services. I can absolutely stand for your impeccable attention to detail and have appreciated your input on my non-profit for close to five years now.

“My experience of you and those associated with you has proven a godsend in the world of determination letters, website development, and small business marketing so necessary in today’s economic climate.

“Bill’s Place, Inc. and BPI-Safe Rides have enjoyed a wider visibility both on the web and in print via various public relations inserts you have authored. For this, we are extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to share you with others.

“Thank you for your continued assistance as we move forward together on generating resources for businesses and families affected by substance abuse.”

– Vivienne Speer, Executive Director, Bill’s Place, Inc.

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