Happy Résumé Clients

“After 8 years with one company and 11 years in my career, I was struggling with where to begin to present myself for my desired next opportunity. Linda started by listening to details on every project, job and experience and weaving it all together into a compelling story. The résumé Linda prepared helped me secure the interview I desired, which ultimately led to an offer.

“A final note: Linda does great work. One of the comments the interviewer made was ‘This is the best-written résumé I’ve ever seen.'”

— Beth K., Detroit, MI


“Linda was recommended to me by a friend who spoke very highly of her, and after using Linda’s services, I completely understand why. Linda was personable, professional, and timely. She did two résumés for me, and both of them were excellent. I live abroad, and the time difference never seemed to conflict with our correspondence. Within one month of having my new and polished résumés, I landed the job of my dreams as an assistant professor, and I even got a compliment on my résumé in my interview. I have recommended Linda’s services to all of my friends and family, and I will most definitely be a repeat customer.”

— Eva P., Seoul, South Korea


“I have to be honest. Even though I had just lost my income, had no job leads or much hope of a potential position in teaching at that time, I thought little about working on a better résumé than I currently had. I figured the one I had ‘would do.’

“The opportunity came my way to have Linda, a professional at creating résumés, give of her time and services to all the teachers who had suddenly lost their jobs at our school. After hearing others rave and praise Linda’s skills, I became very interested in making my résumé better. I thought I would just send her a copy of my old résumé and she would make it look better. Not true!

“She not only made it look better, but probably spent an hour on the phone with me and multiple emails, talking to me, getting more information and ‘pulling’ out skills and talents that I didn’t necessarily think were worth putting on a résumé. Then she went about organizing the information in a way I could never have done on my own. I was beyond appreciative and in awe of her talents and abilities.

“It was a process that took me back through my former positions and responsibilities, and gave me the new understanding of the many things a résumé ‘should be’ and ‘can be’ with the proper expert to help you. I ended up with not only one, but three résumés tailored to different types of school settings.

“I am so thankful and pleased with the time, effort and talents of Linda Jew! I not only was offered one teaching job, but two! I was able to choose the best opportunity for me. I know I owe this in large part to Linda’s talents, allowing me to stand out amongst hundreds of other résumés.

“I would highly recommend anyone — out of work or not — to take the opportunity to update their résumé with Linda.”

— Shannon R., Roswell, GA


“Over the last several years, Linda has crafted three résumés for me — each one even better than the last!

“The latest résumé Linda created for me was for a specific job that I really, really desired and for which I knew I was a great candidate. I provided the job description to Linda, and through asking the right questions, listening intently and pulling information from a previous résumé version, she delivered a new résumé that said, ‘Here is the perfect candidate for this job.’

“I confidently submitted the application and my résumé, and was scheduled for an interview within a few days. After the interview I decided to stop for lunch on my way home, and as I was sitting in the restaurant I received a call from HR, offering me the position. Without a doubt, my new résumé helped me to interview well and sell myself as the ideal candidate.

“If you’re in the market for a new/updated résumé, you owe it to yourself to work with Linda.”

— Julie M., Deming, WA


“Hi Linda! Just wanted to let you know that I got a job! Two interviews, two offers… the only interviews of my life and I got offers from both! I have already been on the job a week. It is a sports marketing firm… I am working lots of hours and getting great sales experience. Great opportunity for me to see if I like this field. Thank you AGAIN for your help! I know the résumé was a huge boost to my confidence and very attractive to prospective employers! You rock!!!”

— Matt P., Milton, GA


“When I launched my most recent job search, my résumé couldn’t have been in more capable hands. I was excited to have the expertise of a résumé expert who, through taking the time to become familiar with my experience and personal ambitions, was able to showcase my strengths in a way that I could not have done on my own.

“My résumé received numerous compliments from prospective employers, which helped boost my confidence in a competitive job market, and provided many ‘selling points’ about me. During the interview that led to a job offer, I was never at a loss for positive things to say about my skills–and I owe much of the credit for that to a well-crafted, professional, and cutting-edge résumé.”

— Lainey B., Cumming, GA


“After having spent fourteen years acquiring property rights for government municipalities and utility companies, I have chosen to change careers. My desire is to make my passion, holistic health and wellness, my new vocation. As a middle-aged woman, the thoughts I have of reinventing myself at this time in my life can be downright scary. Enter Linda Jew.

“Via email, I provided Linda with the back story on the training, skills and experience that I have acquired intermittently in the wellness industry over the past ten years. To my amazement, Linda compiled what occurred to me as ‘a license acquired here’ and ‘a class taught there,’ and masterfully created a visually appealing, concise and professional résumé, which clearly conveys who I AM as a Holistic Practitioner.

“Linda was able to package ten years worth of sporadically obtained skills and experience in a way which has caused me to realize that I AM who I had set out to become — no reinvention necessary. Just this week, I applied for open positions at two wellness spas and within days, someone from both companies called back to schedule me for interviews. With Linda’s support, I am excited to know that I am well on my way to fulfilling my dream!

“Whether you are looking to advance in your current career or if you are changing careers altogether, I highly recommend Linda’s services.”

— Marlo O., Atlanta, GA


“I just wanted to share good news with you – I have two interviews scheduled in the next 2 weeks! … I am overwhelmed and so grateful for your help. [L.B.], too, was singing your praises! A little bit of confidence, even on paper, goes a long way, and I believe the résumé made so much difference in helping me feel prepared to tackle the big cruel world out there!”

— Laurie P., Milton, GA


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