Below are some of the products and services that we use and recommend for work and play. Check ’em out!


The major subscription video-on-demand streaming services don’t let you download all of their TV shows and movies for offline viewing. For the titles you can’t download from them, there’s PlayOn, which essentially is a DVR software and mobile app for streamed content on popular sites.


This virtual private network, one of the fastest VPNs in the world, encrypts your Internet connections and helps to protect your online privacy from snoops, hackers, and the like. It can even bypass geo-restrictions, so you can access content on many international websites. It works on most wired and mobile devices, as well as on routers to protect your home or office network.


WOT stands for Web of Trust, and this free and popular browser extension (more than 140 million downloads as of this writing) is invaluable for your Internet safety by helping to protect you from scam websites.

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